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Booking conditions

Booking is done via Furulids website, also by phone during the season. A confirmation is sent out by email. You should check that the rental item, dates and your contact information are correct.

The booking amount is paid in cash or by card on arrival to Furulid.

A cancellation must be communicated as soon as possible by phone or email. If the cancellation occurs later than one week prior to the arrival date, Furulid has the right to charge the booking amount. No refunding is possible when the planned stay is cancelled or shortened.

Cottages and camping pitches will normally be at your disposal from 14:00 day of arrival to 12:00 day of departure, other time limits may be agreed.


If you are arriving later than 19:00 you must announce your late arrival to Furulid. Only the number of persons mentioned upon booking are allowed to stay overnight.

You are responsible for that everyone in your group accepts and follows the rules of order (see below). If these rules are not followed Furulid has the right to cancel the booking agreement.

Youths under 18 years must be accompanied by a guardian.

Pets are allowed on the area if they are leashed. Only in Eketorpet pets are allowed indoors.

Rules of order

Furulid is a family campsite and we are very keen that there should prevail a calm and pleasant atmosphere in the area. The following rules of order applies and to accept them is a booking condition:

  • Show consideration for your neighbors! Disruptive behavior is not acceptable. Silence should prevail in the area from 23:00 to 6:00.
  • An alcohol-free environment. Partying or appearing intoxicated at Furulids area is not allowed.
  • Take care of the cottage / camping pitch. The booking taker is responsible for any damage to buildings or equipment caused by anyone in the group.
  • Help us keep Furulid free of debris. Use bins and dustbins. Only household waste is to be disposed in Furulids dustbins.
  • Before departure, the cottage must be cleaned according to instructions. The cleaning can be done by Furulids personnel for a fee.

Service house

The service house has seperate rooms for ladies and gentlemen, there is also a handicap toilet with a shower. Free hot water in the showers, please keep in mind that also the next person wants a warm shower!


There is a laundry room with washer and dryer that can be booked at the reception for a fee. The kitchen has freezer, several refrigerators and cooking facilities.


Drive towards Varamobaden, it is signposted from all entrances to Motala. After leaving/crossing national road nr 50, turn right towards Varamobaden. Drive straight ahead at the roundabout. Furulids main entrance is the second on the right side.

Varamovägen 58 B
591 72 Motala, Sweden

Phone: closed


Lat: N 58° 32´ 46.50"
Long: E 15° 0´ 26.75"